AutoComplete Extended

Hi there,

so much time have been passed since the last time, didn’t it? Well, you may think that this blog is already dead and nothing is going on, but in fact i’ve been so much busy in this time that you cannot mind it :) But this isn’t the topic of this post so maybe, i’ll talk about this the next one (maybe, i want to focus only on ready-to-use scripts).

So since the last time, i’ve talked to you about a plugin i was writing for jQuery and jQueryUi, which it’s name was “AutoComplete Extended”…well, now it’s ready to use and fully working, tested and bug-free (i hope). But before jumping to the code and also the webpage i’ve prepared for it, i would like to talk about what can it do for you.

Well, maybe you’re thinking that this plugin is another “boring” one, maybe with two more options and nothing important inside, but believe me, you’re totally wrong and i can explain why. Let’s imagine a scenario where you would like to tag an article with multiple tags, just the way you do here in Wordpress. Well, there are two options to do so: a multiple selection of combobox or a (lucky?) type of tags just like they’re on your DB. But from now on you can have a third option: a multiple set of inputs preloaded with the Autocomplete option (which seek into your actually list of tags into yuor DB).

So, maybe you’re in this scenario, or maybe not, but if you’re curious to know what is, and how it works this plugin just go here. If you just want the code, see at the bottom of this page (but if you’re looking for the most updated version, visit the dedicated webpage).

I would like also to thank my best friend Emanuele Minotto who helped me on setting up, some little things, in the new subdomain “examples” that i’ve created just for putting up my scripts and so on.

I hope you will enjoy it, as much as i did :)

Thanks for reading again, and happy new year!