ContactEditor ANE patch for iOS6, XCode 4.5 and Adobe AIR 3.5 SDK

Hi guys,

today i would like to share with you a little patch i’ve worked yesterday helping a friend having the work done :) I’m talking about a little ANE extension for Adobe Flash Builder (aka Adobe AIR SDK 3.5) which helps dev on getting a native interface to Add Contacts to their Phone Book and/or getting contacts from there. But unfortunatelly the main project worked until iOS 5.1 and it really suffer of random crashes which would make it unusable. But, what is Open Source for? Contributing and helping the community having the work done. And here it is: ContactEditor patched for iOS6 :) No more crashes (as memory management is made upon ARC) and it’s working pretty good on iOS6.

I’ve already made a pull request to the main project hoping it will be accepted. Until then, you can find it on my GitHub repository. I hope that you’ll like this as much as i did yesterday.

Thanks for reading and share this if you liked it :)