[UPDATED] How to fix npm PATH of NWM

Hello everyone again,

just in a hurry, i’m here to tell how to fix npm PATH of NWM 0.1b, i knew that something was missing (didn’t notice why that final b? that means BETA) and finally someone reported it to me (thanks Autarc). I’ve found a faster bugfix for this:

1) Add “global=true” to your “npmrc” file (located at “nodejs\node_modules\npm” of your NWM installation folder)
2) Add “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\npm” to your PATH variabile

“global=true” is necessary because it make the installation of packages always global (with a fixed path) also if you do not use the “-g” parameter. That’s why the PATH can be easily set fixed and always work.

That’s it. Restart your machine and you’re done. This will be fixed with the new NWM 0.2b release, with a little add-in inside (didn’t you ever heard of Mongoose?).

Happy new year and see you with the next release of NWM! :)

UPDATE: as promised, enjoy the new release 0.2b of NWM! (Mongoose is not included in this release, will come in next one)