jQuery Storyline

Hi all, once again :)

No much time has passed duh? Well in fact i was working on a nice plugin there (once again) which i would like to share with you, which is called jQuery Storyline. So now you will ask, what is this? It’s just an easy plugin for creating a custom, and nice, storyline board with just a little effort than a string of code. How? Simply, just with the power of jQuery.

So what you can do with that? Anything that you like, from a custom date slideshow to your preferred characters hero sheet. Oh and i forgot to tell you that you can put anything you want inside the boxes, making them custom for really, so links or actions are decided by you!

And finally, last but not least, it has Touch feature inside prepacked. What does it mean? That you don’t need to bother with them, it just works. Put your finger over it, and scroll it like a page :)

Thanks for reading and i hope you’ll enjoy this.