Welcome into my new blog. Maybe you’re thinking what about is this blog but, hey no problem, i’m here to explain to you :)

Because i’m a Developer (maybe like you) i like to share my knowledge with you, by sharing code snippets i find or i create. This because i see that, the more we share these things the more we will learn and will improve our scripts. Yeah, just like Google, i also think that this is the best thing to do.

So here, i’ll post all the types of scripts that i’ll find useful, like Javascripts code, HTML code, CSS code, PHP code, ASPX code or VB.NET code and much more. And because i’m a Web Designer and a Web Developer i think that just other guys like me need some help with things so i hope that my posts will be useful to you and maybe to your neighboor :)

So, don’t forget to follow this blog and i hope you will like it.