Install Ajenti over WD MyBook World Edition II with Debian Squeeze

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Hi guys,

sorry if i’m not writing very much frequently here but I was busy hacking my own NAS. Yes, bored of how these corporations treat us (customers) with their update logic, i decided to overwrite my existing firmware with an open one that you will surely know: Debian Squeeze.

After i decided to change my firmware, using this method (thanks WikiDot community) i found myself asking “How the hell i’m going to configure it with a comfortable web admin panel?”. In fact searching these days in Google i found Ajenti, which seems a very cool and promising Web Admin interface. So, i SSH-ed my NAS, added the repo to my sources.list and tried to install it as always by typing apt-get install ajenti.

But things didn’t seems promising. It wasn’t in fact installing at all as it was complaining about some missing dependencies. Searching better on Google, i understood that a library was missing, libevent, which in fact is NOT compiled for armel arch (remember that our WD is powered by an ARM cpu). So after this, i went to and searching for that lib, I found that in fact IT WAS AVAILABLE but ONLY for Debian Squeeze BACKPORTS. So, after this, i’m going to share with you my definitive sources.list to install anything without pain on your WD.

# Debian
deb squeeze main contrib non-free
# Debian Backports
deb squeeze-backports main contrib non-free
# Debian Security
deb squeeze/updates main contrib non-free
# Ajenti
deb main main

And there it is! After this you can freely do apt-get update and apt-get install ajenti.

I hope you’ll find useful this post, share and comment as you feel it. Thanks for reading, and see you with another (I hope) Tip’n’Trick next time :)


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