Julian Xhokaxhiu
Julian Xhokaxhiu
Solution Architect/Engineer - Open Source Enthusiast
Dec 22, 2011 2 min read

Little christmas surprise for you: NWM!

Long time no see duh? Well, i didn’t forget you, neither i didn’t stop developing cool new things. In fact you can notice that right of this post, you can find some new links about me, followed by my new GitHub channel. But today i’m not going to talk to you abuot this, but about my latest work, which is called NWM.

What is NWM? NWM stay for “NodeJS (for) Windows (with) MongoDB”, and it’s a brend new like LAMP-like technology to developer in your local machine, without having to pull or push some code on the cloud, but right to your foldder, point to you “localhost” and you’re done! In fact, you will know that what i’m saying is not truly, but in part, it is. This because, NodeJS is only a server-side technology that can offer to you, more like than Apache + PHP can offer to you, powerful, faster, lighter and cleaner. No more headaches!

But what does make NWM better than downloading NodeJS and MongoDB by themselfs? Well, recently i’m going to start a brand new project, which i’ll talk to you at a later time, based upon NodeJS and MongoDB, so, about this, i started to search the internet about a LAMP-like software, which does have NodeJS and MongoDB…but i didn’t find anything, only a post talking about NUM, from Travis Glines, which ispired me in fact, about making a Windows based like.

This way was borned NWM! This is only the first release, don’t expect something magic, this will only automatically set up for you a clean installation of MongoDB, NodeJS + Path autoset to use them on your CMD (like npm). But later, i’ll try to make a more easier GUI for basic users, fullfilled with all the necessary options for the Advanced users, and letting to tweak their custom installation for nerds one.

So, i hope you’ll enjoy this release. Stay tuned for more updates about this project. I hope you’ll be happy about this little christmas gift that i’ve made to you :)