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Frontend Development on Steroids: From localhost to environment, without a deploy!

Everybody knows that tackling hot-patch fixes on Production environments is not an easy task. Especially when multiple teams are working on it, and you’re not the only one.

Grooveshark and Deezer MediaKeys Extensions got a bigger update!

Hi guys, do you remember the Deezer MediaKeys Reloaded extension for Chrome and Grooveshark MediaKeys Reloaded? Well, today I’ve made a little (but big!) update to the extensions making them less permissions hungry, with a cleaner code and, surprise, the mediakeys now are working also “in the background”.

[UPDATED] How the LineageOS OTA server works and how to implement and use ours

EDIT: I took the time to develop the first release of the REST API server, you can find it on my Github as always as an OpenSource project.

Extract your Spotify Playlist from Google Chrome

Hi guys, finally it’s time for me for some rest, Christmas is coming and all we’re happy to pass some time with our parents, friends and the people who we love :)

How to install SuperSu on Hamlet Zelig Pad 210/210G

Hi there, today I would like to share with you this simple package that will help you getting SuperSu (so, Apps that require root access) on your Hamlet Zelig Pad 210/210G (probably this method would work also on other Hamlet tablets but I’m not sure, you have to try it yourself).

How to install Bolt CMS on Namecheap Shared Hosting

Hi guys, you probably have already noticed it, but the blog had changed. Yeah, a completly new look, new functions (such as search one) and completely responsive too (try resizing your window).

How to install Debian Wheezy over ZyXEL NSA320

Hi guys, sorry for the silence of all these days but I was busy with my real life, work stuff and something else. But hey, I didn’t lost my passion to write about things I do and things that I think may be useful to you.

How to setup an SSH server on ZyXEL NSA320

Hi there, some days ago I bought a very kind NAS for myself after the (terrible) adventure with WD My Book World Edition II. Not that it was so bad but…after three years it was very old (Kernel 2.

DAAPjs - DAAP Resolver for Tomahawk Player

Hi guys, it has passed a lot until the last time I wrote here huh? In fact as you may already think I was not drinking some Cocktail somewhere at the Caraibi Beach or something similar :P I was busy learning cool new things as always but today I wouldn’t want to talk about this but about my latest project I was busy in particulary these last days which is called DAAPjs.