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How to setup an SSH server on ZyXEL NSA320

Hi there, some days ago I bought a very kind NAS for myself after the (terrible) adventure with WD My Book World Edition II. Not that it was so bad but…after three years it was very old (Kernel 2.

DAAPjs - DAAP Resolver for Tomahawk Player

Hi guys, it has passed a lot until the last time I wrote here huh? In fact as you may already think I was not drinking some Cocktail somewhere at the Caraibi Beach or something similar :P I was busy learning cool new things as always but today I wouldn’t want to talk about this but about my latest project I was busy in particulary these last days which is called DAAPjs.

Expand your Storage on CyanogenMod with Mounts2SD

Hello again, based on my last article about Simple2Ext I’ve decided to write another one about Mounts2SD. Why I discovered this one those days because of Android 4.

TwigPress: a boilerplate Twig engine theme for Wordpress

Good evening guys, today I would like to show you the evolution of my last discussion about Twig for Wordpres. Since I’ve studied all the source code and I found more good techniques to implement Wordpress API calls, I’ve decided to create a brand new engine rather than refactoring the old one.

When Wordpress meets Twig

Good evening guys, what I’ve done those days? Well, today I would like to share with you something cool I’ve found. What happens when you love Wordpress but you don’t like its templating system?

Pushing Wordpress performance to the limits!

Hi guys, first I would like to say sorry for the long time of silence i kept here, but as you may know I’m always a little busy :) This month I tried to archive so many goals which couldn’t be mentioned here, but If you follow me on Twitter you’ll be updated with all the projects I’m working on.

ProjectTreeTemplater: a new Sublime Text 2 plugin to manage your Project tree

Hi there, this is another post update and this I would like to talk to you regarding my new little Python project I’ve made those days which is called ProjectTreeTemplater.

Best Setup for Samsung Galaxy S2

Hi again, since the last post I’ve made got some movement in the blog and some people refer to it as a “reference” post I thought it would be right to update this argument (like a “what’s app regarding the scene of S2”) with what happened recently.

How to Run WhatsApp on your PC/Mac using BlueStacks

Hi again, as always I’m very busy testing things, such as this one I’m going to talk about with you. What my mission was these day was: how to get a fully running WhatsApp on your PC/Mac?