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Jan 5, 2013 4 min read

Best Setup for Samsung Galaxy S2

Hi again,

since the last post I’ve made got some movement in the blog and some people refer to it as a “reference” post I thought it would be right to update this argument (like a “what’s app regarding the scene of S2”) with what happened recently.

As you have already read I made a post regarding my personal experience with my Samsung Galaxy S2, and also if it was not so very much enthusiastic, of that phone, i thought it would be right to share my knowledge with you talking about kernels. But the scene had evolved this months and some good stuff became more good than before and not only in the Kernel scene.

I have to admit that in fact, those months I’ve tried so much different combinations of ROM + Kernel + Mods to expand my Phone functions (without losing battery life or performance) that in fact I didn’t remember all of them. But in those test what I’ve found was that Dorimanx Kernel (regarding the last post were i was choosing Skyfire Kernels as the award winning) was the best one out in the scene of Galaxy S2. So, why do i changed my mind? Because of two simple “little” facts: Dorimanx’s Kernel actually is the best developed (after Siyah of course) in the scene of modding, he has really merged a LOT of Kernel features to the original 3.0.x from major trunks (from 3.1.x to 3.8.x) of official Linux kernel release. This in few words would mean BETTER PERMANCES and BETTER BATTERY MANAGEMENT, things that Samsung would have never thought to do with our phone if you stay on the STOCK ROM. But that’s not all, he also listens so much from people asking to him the he actually implemented a new interesting function, which is the Cron Job. What are these things? Actually you can think of your daily routine when you work: you wake up at 8am, you at your office at the 9am, you work until the 1pm and so on. Cron Jobs are just like you, they repeat some tasks at a certain moment of the day, week and so on. But of course, Wikipedia is the right place to better understand this thing ;)
So, what Cron Job brings to our phone? Interesting functions like RAM Cleanup (every hour), AD-Block update (every week), Zip Aling of your Apps (every day) and so on. This in few words can be explained (again) as BETTER PERFORMANCE for your phone. Faster access to your apps and a faster execution of them.

But that’s not all, Dorimanx Kernels brings so MUCH features that I cannot list here (so you have to read the official Topic on XDA if you want to). So, how do i know all this things? In fact I’m participating on BETA tests on every Kernel release and I’m personally giving my feedback to him.

Talking about the ROMs I really found that the best which would fit on my Phone is the CyanogenMod one. It actually have EVERYTHING i would need from an Android ROM. Toggles on the Notification Drawer, Stock Android without crapware apps or mods, very FAST and mantained code and in fact, very cool support on XDA too. That’s why I chosed CyanogenMod 9 (latest nightly) as my first ROM (didn’t I tell you that with Dorimanx you can also install two ROMs?).

Last but not least, which Mod did I choose to install? In fact it’s a really good one and it is NOT only for my Phone but it’s for ALL mayor Android phones and it’s called **ACID Audio Engine. **What does it simply do? It mods completely your Audio engine. Which means having all major audio features (like Beats Audio of HTC or Clear Bass of Sony) all in one package. Say goodbye the crispy sound, now you have a truly amazing audio experience, your audio will bring up to a completely new life, you’ll love your music twice as you did before :)

So, what is my personal setup of the phone that actually is battery friendly and performance killer? You can find the information on my XDA profile in the signature. Every time i change my setup i always reflect them there, so you can visit my profile every time you want.

After all this is my PERSONAL feedback until now. What’s yours? Which setup did you found interesting to share? Write back on the comments below and share this article if you liked it.
And…oh I forgot, thanks for reading! ;)