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Sep 22, 2012 2 min read

Best Kernel for Samsung Galaxy S2

Update: Since this article is months old, I’ve made a new one you would probably find more interesting :)

Do you remember that i wrote a post regarding the modding of Samsung’s Galaxy S2? Well, some time have passed and i got keeping modding it, trying all the kernels available in XDA forums.

Before telling you which i prefer, i would like to share with you most famous kernels for our GS2:

  1. Siyah Kernel (MOST famous kernel, updated very rarelly, people prefer it upon others)
  2. Dorimanx Kernel (Frequently updated, new version will come with Linux 3.6 Kernel)
  3. Team Skyfire Kernel (Updates not very frequently, but comes very stronger and fast)
  4. DM Kernel (People prefer it for the less consuption of battery, personally i’ve never tryed it)
  5. Speedmod Kernel (personally i’ve never tryed this, but it still exists…)

This list may change, it’s order is from MOST known to less known (maybe i forgot anyone, forgive me if so) as I saw until today (maybe it’s incorrect, forgive me again if so).

Until today, personally i’ve tryed number 1,2 and 3 and between them, and until today i’ve used Siyah (20%), Dorimanx (40%) and Team Skyfire (40%). With the first i didn’t get nothing special: all the system seems to lag, terribly, after 5-10 minutes of activity. With Dorimanx you have very fast system, so much empty RAM but sometimes have some bugs and glitches (like “little hangs” when you unlock screen, expecially while you listen to music). It have so much configurable options through ExTweaks. Team Skyfire seems the perfect one for my i9100: it doesn’t hang, it does have much empty RAM, phone is ALWAYS faster, from unlocking screen to using 5-10 apps in the same time.

All of them does have Deep Sleep (so when you turn off your screen and IF no app is configured to listen to push notification every second, like Facebook does, it put your CPU in an idle state which it does consume little to none battery), automatic back-light manage of your LCD screen and so on. So which is the one that I prefer between them? Well, obviously Team Skyfire (actually at v2.9.4). So, you don’t know which to choose, i suggest you this one :)

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