Julian Xhokaxhiu
Julian Xhokaxhiu
DevOps Engineer - Cloud Architect - Solution Architect - Platform Engineer - Open Source Enthusiast
Jan 19, 2013 1 min read

ProjectTreeTemplater: a new Sublime Text 2 plugin to manage your Project tree

Hi there,

this is another post update and this I would like to talk to you regarding my new little Python project I’ve made those days which is called ProjectTreeTemplater.

What is it?

This plugin, made for the award winning Sublime Text 2,  is a simple project tree manager. Imagine yourself creating little template files and trees to manage your project. In fact creating empty files (called placeholders) every time is boring right?
Well, with this plugin you can create it with some simple UNIX path syntax and some other tricks to fully manage your placeholder also with a template files bundled (per file or per extension).

Where can I find it?

As always my projects are open source so you can find it on its GitHub dedicated repository :)

Where can I find the documentation of its usage?

As always, a quality GitHub repo has to come with Documentation, right? I can assure you that ProjectTreeTemplater is as good as the other ones :)

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did developing it. Leave your comments down below, but for bugs and features, please use GitHub issue report, so we can track, vote and have an history of what have been done there.

Thanks for reading.