Julian Xhokaxhiu
Julian Xhokaxhiu
Solution Architect - Platform Engineer - Open Source Enthusiast
Dec 21, 2013 1 min read

Extract your Spotify Playlist from Google Chrome

Hi guys,

finally it’s time for me for some rest, Christmas is coming and all we’re happy to pass some time with our parents, friends and the people who we love :)

But also, it’s time to rock with something new, don’t we? Of course we do! And let’s bring to the scene this brand new extension for Chrome which I developed this last week. Actually this was borned while I was watching a friend video about on how to import Spotify Songs into the new iTunes Cloud. And well, I tought “wait, why aren’t we exporting it from the brand new Spotify web player?”.

And this is what I did. I built this nice extension which will guide on exporting with a 1-click solution your playlists without any painful process.

Go get it right now into the Chrome Web Store and enjoy this Christmas, with another Freedom-maker tool :) Oh, of course it is Open Source and you can find it as always into my GitHub!

So, thanks for reading as always and I hope we’ll get the next year, with awesome new findings and cool tools.

Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!