Julian Xhokaxhiu
Julian Xhokaxhiu
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May 21, 2014 1 min read

Grooveshark and Deezer MediaKeys Extensions got a bigger update!

Hi guys,

do you remember the Deezer MediaKeys Reloaded extension for Chrome and Grooveshark MediaKeys Reloaded?

Well, today I’ve made a little (but big!) update to the extensions making them less permissions hungry, with a cleaner code and, surprise, the mediakeys now are working also “in the background”.

What does this mean?¬†Just minimize your Chrome window (or your app shortcut to these services) and let it there, because you can now “talk” with it also when it doesn’t have the focus. This means that you can use your favourite Web Music service as a Desktop Application. Mediakeys are there for you and it does work also on Mac and Linux.

In fact the extension is using the well known chrome.commands API, but with the latest version 35 that got released yesterday for all, this bring to us this new cool feature! Also, you can configure by yourself the shortcuts using the native method offered directly by Chrome.

So, what are you waiting for? Go download them and enjoy the power of your mediakeys.

See you in next weeks  with another (I hope) big announcement :)