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How to install Bolt CMS on Namecheap Shared Hosting

Hi guys, you probably have already noticed it, but the blog had changed. Yeah, a completly new look, new functions (such as search one) and completely responsive too (try resizing your window).

TwigPress: a boilerplate Twig engine theme for Wordpress

Good evening guys, today I would like to show you the evolution of my last discussion about Twig for Wordpres. Since I’ve studied all the source code and I found more good techniques to implement Wordpress API calls, I’ve decided to create a brand new engine rather than refactoring the old one.

When Wordpress meets Twig

Good evening guys, what I’ve done those days? Well, today I would like to share with you something cool I’ve found. What happens when you love Wordpress but you don’t like its templating system?

Pushing Wordpress performance to the limits!

Hi guys, first I would like to say sorry for the long time of silence i kept here, but as you may know I’m always a little busy :) This month I tried to archive so many goals which couldn’t be mentioned here, but If you follow me on Twitter you’ll be updated with all the projects I’m working on.

Rapid script to test 'Etag' and 'Last-Modified' HTTP Headers

Are you searching for a rapid PHP script to test “Etag” or “Last-Modified” HTTP Headers in your project? Here we go, made in PHP. Enjoy