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Grooveshark and Deezer MediaKeys Extensions got a bigger update!

Hi guys, do you remember the Deezer MediaKeys Reloaded extension for Chrome and Grooveshark MediaKeys Reloaded? Well, today I’ve made a little (but big!) update to the extensions making them less permissions hungry, with a cleaner code and, surprise, the mediakeys now are working also “in the background”.

Extract your Spotify Playlist from Google Chrome

Hi guys, finally it’s time for me for some rest, Christmas is coming and all we’re happy to pass some time with our parents, friends and the people who we love :)

Center the new Youtube layout with YT Native Center Layout

Hi guys, today i would like to share with you this little extension for Google Chrome, that is called YT Native Center Layout. What is it?

Grooveshark Mediakeys Reloaded

Hi there, just want to share with you my new work that i have made. I’m talking about a Google Chrome extensions that is called Grooveshark Mediakeys Reloaded.