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How to Run WhatsApp on your PC/Mac using BlueStacks

Hi again, as always I’m very busy testing things, such as this one I’m going to talk about with you. What my mission was these day was: how to get a fully running WhatsApp on your PC/Mac?

Expand your Storage on CyanogenMod with Simple2Ext

UPDATE: See this one, if you’re using Android 4.2 (CM10.x) :) Hi there, today I would like to share with you this little Know-How i learnt working all day on this.

Best Kernel for Samsung Galaxy S2

Update:┬áSince this article is months old, I’ve made a new one you would probably find more interesting :) Do you remember that i wrote a post regarding the modding of Samsung’s Galaxy S2?

Samsung Galaxy S II: Which is the best ROM?

Hi all, today i would like to share with you my experience with this wonderful Smartphone i’ve bought so early (exactly 5 days ago) and I’m talking abivously, as title suggests, about Samsung Galaxy S II.